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What is puppy play?

Puppyplay is a role-playing game. A puppy can be anything: lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, intersex, queer or straight.

Pupplay is a lifestyle and a BDSM fetish - this also means that although pupplay can be sexual, it doesn't necessarily have to be. Some puppies just love being able to break out of their everyday routine while playing with others and slip into a playful, carefree role. Others also enjoy the moments that arise from the relationship between them and their master:

To be told what they can or must do and to obey their master. Or they playfully fight for rank within the pack: Who is the alpha dog, who is the beta, and who has to take on the role of the omega? Or they enjoy the game as an additional stimulus during sex. The boundaries are fluid and everyone can enjoy their existence as they like it best.

Would you like to be a puppy one day? Or maybe you are looking for a puppy yourself to lovingly raise and play with? Then you've come to the right place, because here you'll also find many links to regional meetings and get-togethers. Just go by and get to know the colorful pack!

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help you.

We hope you enjoy our website and pupplay! *tail wagging*